This section has mid quality streaming video.  It will help to have least an ISDN connection or better (you need to be able to maintain a 128kb datastream to stream these video clips immediately with no buffering time).  You also need to make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player.  I believe you may need to be using the most current Microsoft Internet Explorer as well, I have received reports of the videos not working well with the Netscape browser.

If you have a regular dial up connection, you can click the links and it will probably buffer to a temporary directory on your hard drive before it plays.  It will take longer for it to load, but you will eventually see it.

YouTube Videos:

The Tuning Fork:  Dan Watkins performs David Roth's "The Tuning Fork" as a tribute to David at the New York Coin Magic Seminar 8 on 10/16/2010. 


Coin Man Walking Video Trailer:  The video trailer is 4 megabytes so give it time to download.  You may want to right click the link, choose "File Save As" to save it to your hard drive if you want to be able to expand the video for a larger view.  The video trailer is encoded using the new Quicktime H.264 video compressor that retains excellent video and sound quality.  To view the video trailer you will need to have the latest Quicktime Player installed.  You can download a free version of Quicktime by clicking HERE.  To find out more about the DVD click HERE.

The Coin Change Chalice:  Running time - 1 min.  Size 1.3 MB.  A magical chalice that turns all the coins inside to whatever coin was last placed in...

CAPLOCATION:  Running time - 29 sec.  Size 680 KB.  This is my evolution of John Kennedy's "Translocation" performed with bottle caps.  Click here to read more about the product.

3 Try:  Running Time - 1:23 min.  Size 990 KB.  This is a goofy coin routine that goes with a story of trying to learn 3 fly.  I fail at my attempt because I start with coins from thin air, and that fact causes a problem...  At the end I finally realize what I need for it to work.  (Taught in Coinvanish Vol. 2).

Three Way Crossing:  Running Time - 49 sec.  Size 600 KB.  This is a coins across routine.  The focus of this routine was to be able to show both hands at the same time before any coin fly.  (Usually in a coins across routine you can only show one hand, because one is dirty in some way).  (Taught in Coinvanish Vol. 2).

Coinvanish Trio:  Running Time - 53 sec.  Size 655 KB.  This is a three coin flurry.  (Taught in Coinvanish Vol. 1).

King Midas Spellbound:  Running Time - 1:28 min.  Size 1.06 MB.   My intention with this routine was to create a very fair looking quadruple spellbound that only used the traditional "hand covers a coin held in spellbound position" to effectuate the change.  It is a very slow, methodical routine.  (Taught in Coinvanish Vol. 1).

Lightning Copper/Silver:  Running Time -21 sec.  Size - 250 KB.  This is a very quick and visual two coin transposition.  (Taught in Coinvanish Vol. 1).

Penetrating Okito & Beyond:  Running Time -1:07 min.  Size - 824 KB.  This is a sit down variation of a coins through the hand Okito box routine, heavily influenced by Mohammed Bey and David Roth's Okito box materials.  (Taught in Coinvanish Vol. 1).

MagicTalk 2.5 videos:  These older videos were part of a video compilation from about thirty contributors to the MagicTalk forum.  Since I already had them on film, I figured I'd put two of them up here.

Jumbolaya:  Running Time - 2:14 min.  Size - 1.63 MB.  This is a coin flurry into jumbo coin flurry routine.  (Influences:  Bob Fitch, Michael Ammar, Gary Kurtz, David Stone).  The Jumbo part of the routine is taught in Coinvanish Vol. 1.

Sticky Coins:  Running Time -1:02 min.  Size - 774 KB.  This is a routine I fully explain in the Routines section of this website.  (Influences - "The Gadabout Coins" from Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic)

Miscellaneous Stuff:  These videos are not routines, but they are magic related.  They are mostly me just playing around with coins nothing more, nothing less.

The Muscle Pass:  Running Time - 25 sec.  Size - 283 KB.  For those who have never seen a muscle pass, this is its most basic use - making a coin fall upward (ala John Cornelius).  Demonstrated a few times with a silver dollar, then once with a light poker chip.  I am six foot, two inches in height in case you want a distance reference on that poker chip pass *grin*.  (Taught in the Foundations Section).

Playtime:  Running Time - 35 sec.  Size 433 KB.  As the name suggests, this is just a little play time with coins.  A silver dollar is cleanly placed in back and forth between both hands.  I squeeze the silver dollar twice and each time a half dollar appears.  On the third squeeze the silver dollar vanishes.

Bahama Magic:  Running Time 1:18 min.  Size 987 KB.  This is just a quick conglomeration of me performing at a small island bar in the Bahamas.  It doesn't show any routines, its mostly endings of routines and applause.

Shattered:  This is not a coin routine.  It is a fun performance I did of Scott Alexander's "Shattered".