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New York Coin Magic Seminar:  Volumes 2,3, and 4 - Copper/Silver (Roth, Rubinstein, Latta, Gallo)

New York Coin Magic Seminar:  Volume 1 - Coins Across (Roth, Rubinstein, Latta, Gallo, Harbottle)

Coin Man Walking:  By Dan Watkins.

COINvention Inaugural Collection.

Older Reviews in Alphabetical Order by Title:

Bare Handed.  By Kirk Kokinos

Beyond Okito Coin Box Set

Charming Chinese Challenge DVD:  By Troy Hooser

Coin Classics Volume 1.

Coin Classics Volume 2.

Coin Ovations:  By Reed McClintock

Coinvanish Volume 1:  By Dan Watkins (Reviews and comments by various magicians)

The Complete Introduction to COIN MAGIC Starring Michael Ammar

Completely Crowded!  By R. Paul Wilson

Creative Coin Magic DVDs (1986 and 2004 Lectures):  By Dr. Michael Rubinstein

Cultural Xchange 1 & 2:  By Apollo Robbins and Shoot Ogawa

Cutting Edge Cards and Coins:  By the "J Team":  John B. Born and Jason Dean.

David Roth videos/DVDs VS. Ammar video/DVD VS. David Stone videos.

DesTROYers:  The Superlative Magic of Troy Hooser

Expert Coin Magic Made Easy Volumes 1,2, and 3 by David Roth

Extreme Dean Volumes 1 and 2:  By Dean Dill

Knuckle Busters:  Volume 1:  By Reed McClintock

Knuckle Busters:  Volume 2:  By Reed McClintock

Knuckle Busters:  Volume 3:  By Reed McClintock

Les bases de La magie des Pieces (Basic Coin Magic) Volumes 1 and 2 by David Stone.

LVMI Live 2003

Matrix God's Way:  By John B. Born

Mike Gallo "The Dynasty Continues"

Palms of Steel 2: Fists of Fury:  By Curtis Kam

Palms of Steel 3:  Silverado:  By Curtis Kam

Payphone:  By Corey Burke

Radical Korn and Extreme Korn DVDs:  By Chris Korn

Ramsay Cylinder and Coins Props by Thomas Wayne

Schoolcraft Precision Magic Gaffed Coins

The Silver Surf II:  byTroy Hooser

TIED:  By Jason Wethington

Time for a Change:  Apollo Robbins' Lecture Notes

The Unexpected Visitor Book:  Coin Magic for the Walk Around Performer.  By Doug Brewer

The Unexpected Visitor DVD:  Coin Magic for the Walk Around Performer.  By Doug Brewer

Unforgettable Coin Magic.  By Cody Fisher

Up In Smoke - The Underhanded Coin Magic of Paul Cummins