This page is dedicated to the foundations of coin magic.  You can find instruction on the fundamentals of coin magic; a more detailed look at some very important sleight of hand, that may not be understood.  Articles here are usually generated by me in response to someone who has asked me for help with a certain coin, concealment, vanish, sleight, what have you.

This will not be a comprehensive work on the pedagogy of all sleight of hand necessary to perform coin magic, you would serve yourself better to acquire books such as J.B. Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic or other books or introductory instructional videos.  Reviews of such material can be found here on this website.

In order to protect this material from those generally curious, I am going to assume that the reader of this section has some knowledge of coin magic.  What is the name for holding a coin as depicted in the picture below?  The answer is 8 letters long.

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