Coinvanish Volume 2 Excerpt:  Forward


It has been two and a half years since the release of my first manuscript Coinvanish Volume 1After going through the lengthy experience of writing, image editing, crediting, and having the manuscript edited multiple times, I was not in a big rush to go through this process again.  Over the past two years I have culled through my routines to publish only those I felt were worthy of being shared.  My first manuscript came about predominantly in response to those asking if the work in my web videos was in print.  At the time they were not, so I decided to write Coinvanish Volume 1.


This time around, I do explain a few of the videos that have gone up subsequently such as "Three Way Crossing" and "3 Try."  The focus of this book was to write up some of the material that I have found extremely useful over the past few years.  Found within this manuscript will be a very practical coin holdout/dropper that you can wear right in front of your spectators, as well as simple routines to magically produce and vanish coins; these can be used to "frame" a coin routine.


What finally put me over the edge in embarking upon this project is a revolutionary Coins Across routine.  I will explain what I feel makes it so revolutionary within the write-up.  If I am correct, this routine has the potential to be a milestone for the Coins Across plot.


If you have Coinvanish Volume 1, you will be familiar with my categorical explanations; which consist of "The Effect, The Setup, and The Method."  I have added one more category, "The Reason."  After Curtis Kam read my original manuscript, 2 years ago, he said something that stuck with me.  I vowed to include it for subsequent projects…  "What is my reasoning behind a routine?  Why did I make it the way I did?  What was I trying to accomplish?"  This section offers the reasons the routines exist as they do.  "The Reason" provides insight into what I was thinking.  Personally, I found it to be a practical exercise that helped me choose what I put in this manuscript.  I had to justify my routines to myself first by writing "The Reason."  If I could not do so, there was no reason to include it.


The venues in which I find myself are predominantly walk-around, standing with spectators, without a table, strolling type routines that I work out of my pockets.  The routines found in this manuscript tend to be quick and direct and work well in the aforementioned environment.


One of the biggest criticisms of my earlier manuscript was that a couple of the headline routines required expensive, custom gaffed coins.  Although I still do not eschew gaff coins, I have decided not to include routines that use unique, expensive, specialty gaffs - except for my routine "3 Try."  I have received a lot of requests to release "3 Try."  Since it uses the same gaff coin set as "Coinvanish Trio," from my first manuscript, I squeezed it in at the end of this book, for completeness sake.


The balance of this manuscript will concentrate on coin routines that use traditional coin gaffs and/or sleight of hand with unprepared coins.


Lastly, I would like to thank Wesley James for providing his invaluable help with the editing and crediting for this manuscript.




Dan Watkins

January 10, 2005


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