Coinvanish Volume 1

Early in 2002, Dan Watkins added a few short video clips to his site showing some of the routines contained in Coinvanish. The response was overwhelming and magicians around the world demanded to learn how these effects were done. Well, here they are...and it was worth the wait! Coinvanish contains 10 professional sleights and effects intended for those ready to move beyond the basics of coin magic. Contains:

The Back Thumb Palm Retention Pass - your audience clearly sees the coin get tossed into your left hand, then see your right hand empty and yet the coin vanishes!

The Middle Finger Backclip - Dan gives a full description of this utility sleight along with many references to other sources

Wiped Clean - a "hand washing" technique to show both sides of your hands to be apparently empty.

Coinvanish Trio - Show your hands empty, magically produce three coins and then vanish one at a time.

Sleight of Elbow - A coin appears from your left elbow, vanishes into your right, appears out of your left, and then vanishes completely into your right elbow.

King Midas Spellbound - A quadruple Spellbound routine with gold, silver, copper and brass coins. Squeeky clean!

Lightning Copper/Silver - The performer displays a silver coin in the left hand and a copper coin in his right, and somehow change places! Quick, visual, no gaffs!

Penetrating Okito & Beyond - The performer shows a small brass box to be completely empty, puts the lid on top and produces four half dollars! The box is placed on the back of his hand and the coins pass through the box and his hand, leaving the box empty. The box with the coins are again placed on the back of his hand and this time the box and the lid pass through, leaving just the coins!

Jumbolaya - After a one coin flurry routine, the coin grows to a jumbo size, appears and disappears, penetrates body parts, and magically disappears once again.

Double Take Transposition - A spectator is given a silver coin to hold and the magician holds onto a copper coin. With just a wave of the hand, the coins change places! The effect is then instantly repeated and everything may be examined.

Comb bound, 24 8.5" by 11" pages, fully photo illustrated.

The animated image at the top of this page provides a sample of the professionally printed full color manuscript.  I am selling the manuscript for $20.00 US ($25.00 airmail outside the US) postage paid.


I also have the manuscript available in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.  This version is $15.00 anywhere in the world.  I will typically email you the manuscript usually within 24 hours of receipt of your order.


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