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Coin Man Walking

Dazzling Coin Magic, No Tables Required


"Good solid magic that's both well thought

out and well presented!" - David Roth


To view the Coin Man Walking Quicktime video trailer click HERE.

The video trailer is 4 megabytes so give it time to download.  You may want to right click the link, choose "File Save As" to save it to your hard drive if you want to be able to expand the video for a larger view.  The video trailer is encoded using the new Quicktime H.264 video compressor that retains excellent video and sound quality.  To view the video trailer you will need to have the latest Quicktime Player installed.  You can download a free version of Quicktime by clicking HERE.


On September 5, 2005 my new DVD Coin Man Walking will be released by Bob Kohler Productions, professionally shot and produced at Bob Kohler Studios in Las Vegas, NV.  I am now taking pre-orders for the DVD.  Below is the information directly from Bob Kohler Production's website:


Dan Watkins' Coin Man Walking features nine coin routines and three utility sleights/items from his professional repertoire.  The material is designed for the strolling / walk-around performer.  There are "No Tables Required" to perform any routines taught on this DVD.  The routines on this DVD are designed to be interactive with your spectators often having the magic occur directly in their hands.  This allows your spectators to personally experience the magic instead of simply watching you perform.


Dan Watkins operates one of the most popular internet websites devoted to coin magic, where readers can find the latest news and product reviews related to coin magic.  A professional businessman by trade, Dan uses the material found on this DVD to entertain his customers at various business functions.  Dan's material is extremely deceptive and well thought out.  Each routine is a blockbuster that will amaze both magicians and your audiences.  Dan's routines are polished professional level presentations.  The explanations are detail oriented with nothing is left out.  The running time is 2 hours & 11 minutes!   Coin Man Walking will set a new level of quality instruction in the art of coin magic!




The Middle Finger Backclip An extremely useful and deceptive utility sleight that enables you to show your palm up hand empty, while concealing a coin.  Dan teaches everything you need to know to effectively utilize the technique for a couple of his routines.


The Holster Holdout An innovative one coin holdout that can be worn in plain view.  It instantly delivers a concealed coin to your hand at your will.


outsDANding Adding to ideas of Troy Hooser and John Ramsay, Dan teaches a very clear, direct, and entertaining three coin fingertip production-vanish-reproduction sequence utilizing three solid silver dollars.  Also taught in great detail is Dan's "Ramsay Feint" variation that eliminates the traditional false take of the last coin.


Fingertip Coins to Pocket Dan's version of "The Gadabout Coins" (two in the hand, one in the pocket plot) from J.B. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic performed at the fingertips.  Also taught is a new muscle pass/click pass application to setup the final vanish of all the coins.


CSB Assault is Dan's stand up Copper/Silver/Brass routine.  The routine features a rapid fire, triple transposition that occurs in and out of a spectator's hands, without the magician's hands ever coming together.


Coinvention Crossing Dan performs a very clean stand up coins across routine where three coins travel, one at a time, from the left hand to the right hand.  Before and after each coin travels, both hands are clearly seen, palm up, to contain the appropriate number of coins.


Double Take Transposition - A spectator is given a silver coin to hold and the magician holds onto a copper coin.  With just a wave of the hand, the coins change places!  The effect is then instantly repeated and the two coins may be examined.


Flash Hop A quick variation of Mark Jenest's "Short Hop," (Hopping Half routine without the Hopping Half gimmicks) ending with a surprise dollar bill production.


Flash Bill Fold Dan teaches his new money folding technique to create a self contained 1" x 1" packet that can be secretly manipulated and then instantly produced at the fingertips.


Lightning Copper/Silver Dan places a silver coin in his left hand and a copper coin in his right, somehow they change places!  Quick, visual, no gaffs!


Breaking a Dollar Dan appears to bend a silver dollar at his fingertips.  Instantly, the silver dollar breaks into two half dollars.  The two half dollars are placed into his right fist, whereby they fuse back into a silver dollar.


4 Coins, Your Hands This is one of Dan's most reputable effects.  It is a Coins Across routine that is revolutionary in both method and effect.  All of the magic apparently happens in a spectator's outstretched hands.  The coins appear to vanish one at a time from their right hand and arrive one at a time in their left; the last coin travels to her enclosed fist.  This is interactive coin magic at its best!


Cylinder & Coins (Performance Only) Dan performs his favorite formal close up routine: An exceptionally streamlined version of John Ramsay's famous "Cylinder & Coins."


What are magician's saying about Coin Man Walking?


David Roth:  "Good solid magic that's both well thought out and well presented!"


Michael Rubinstein:  "The routines themselves are very polished - you can tell that he does these routines in the real world, for real people.  I like to watch magic that looks magical, not like a bunch of clever moves that telegraph something happened even though you can't see it.  I don't see moves when I watch Dan's routines, I see magic."


Mickey Silver:  "I just wanted to pass this along to all my friends in coin magic:  No matter whether you're a beginner or expert... the COIN MAN WALKING DVD is a "MUST HAVE" for anyone and everyone who is serious about coin magic.  I was absolutely impressed how fantastic and creative Dan really is, as I'm sure you will be.  His coin routines are flawless along with his "explanations" you will not believe your eyes / ears!!


Bob Kohler:  All of the inner circle coin men have known about Dan's expertise but with the release of "Coin Man Walking" the rest of the magic community will soon know why Dan Watkins is considered to be one of the very best coin workers in the world today.


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Now Accepting orders for Domestic US customer's only.  Shipping is free.  $25.00.  The DVD will also be available in all magic shops around the globe and it will be more economical for foreign customers to purchase from their local in-country retailers.  If you intend on purchasing the DVD, I have a limited number available to sell retail myself.  I would appreciate the retail business as this obviously enables me to reap a little more financial reward for releasing the material.



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