Click the image above to view a Windows Media demo Video of "Caplocation".


“Caplocation” is a variation of John Kennedy’s coin routine, “Translocation” from his lecture notes, Lecture III (1983).  Kennedy’s routine was performed with a gaffed set of coins.  The plot is very straightforward:  Four coins are placed in a column on the table and covered by one of the magician’s hands.  One at a time the four coins travel from under one of the magician’s hands to his other which is also laying flat on the table.


“Caplocation” is similar in effect, but drastically different in method.  It is performed with simple bottle caps (no gaffed coins).


There are four basic benefits to “Caplocation”: 

1.  No gaffed coins are used  (Bottle caps are used).

2.  It utilizes very easy to acquire, cheap “throw away” props.

3.  Obvious and immediate application to restaurant/bar magicians.

4.  No sliding coins (or caps):  Your hands cover the caps, and simply move away.  You can literally step back from the table and allow the audience to take in the miracle if you desire.  You do not need a soft surface to perform on.

The “Caplocation” eBook contains:

1.  Practice Version (easiest to get started)

2.  Impromptu Version (a seated version)

3.  Caplocation (a standing version as performed in the Demo).

4.  The Modified Lefler Backfire (which does require sliding caps)

Also taught are methods to show your hands completely empty at the beginning and end of the routine.


"Caplocation is a wonderful way to take Translocation to a new level.  I have never seen it with bottle caps before. I think it's a great idea and I love it." - Dean Dill


"Wow. That is a great Translocation style effect with bottle caps. It fooled me!  Although the real selling point of the original translocation was that you see empty hands after each translocation, your routine is swifter and more rhythmic in appearance.  I loved your handling and thoughts.  You capture my attention every time I witness your magical thinking." - Tim Conover

"You have done an excellent job with this Dan!  Your instructions are complete and thorough.  This effect is a steal at $10.00.  The thing I like about this effect is that your hands look so far off the table.  You fooled me badly." - Joe Rindfleisch


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