4 Coins, Your Hands

Coins Across in your Spectator's Hands!



"4 Coins, Your Hands," is what I and a number of well respected professionals believe is one of the best Coins Across routines ever created.  Why?  From the spectators' perspective, all of the magic happens in the spectator's hands.  The coins vanish from their right hand and arrive in their left.  I can find no stronger routine than to have ALL the magic happen in the hands of the spectator.  In reality, the magic happens within a "sandwich" of my hands and the spectator's hands.  Since my hands only act as cover, she holds all the coins at the moment the coins apparently travel.

Previous routines have featured coins traveling from the magician's hand to one of the spectator's hands or to a glass.  These routines contained the groundwork of techniques to cause a coin to travel to a place that was not simply the magician's "other hand."  In most such routines the magician had to control the sending hand because he had to manipulate a gaff, or there was an inconsistency in the number of coins that needed to be concealed.  In either circumstance, the magician needed to control the method in the "sending hand."  As a consequence, the spectator could not be both sender and receiver of the traveling coin.  I believe having both the sending and receiving of the coins in the spectator's hands during the entire routine to be a revolutionary improvement in the plot.  "4 Coins, Your Hands" offers that breakthrough feature.

The appeal of this routine is that, from the audiences' perspective, they are part of the magic. I cannot stress how strong this is in the mind of the spectator, it absolutely kills any idea of trick coins or sleight of hand, it all happens in their hands! How could it even be possible? They openly see the number of coins, they feel the coins in their hands, they hold all of the coins during each phase of the routine, and they can fully inspect the coins at the end of the routine. As I present the routine, they do the magic. They get the applause, they have the experience, yet they will have no clue how it is happening.

The difficulty level of this routine is low.  If you have the ability to Classic Palm one coin, you can perform the hardest sleight in this routine.  There is one gaff coin used, all the details are provided in the write-up of the routine.

What is being said about this routine?

Bob Kohler posted in this Magic Cafe thread:  Regarding "4 Coins, Your Hands":  "Dan tipped the routine to me in its infancy.  No doubt that it's a closer.  The handling is superior.  The power of the effect is devastating.  I believe "4 Coins, Your Hands" has set the bar very high for the coins across plot.  It's about as interactive with a spectator as it can possibly be.  Since the magic happens in the spectator's hands the reactions are off the chart.  The way Dan's routine builds as each phase get better/more visual/more fair really takes the audience to a place of deep mystery."

Curtis Kam posted in this Magic Cafe thread:  "The coins across routine that everyone's talking about, and perhaps the first time someone has published a practical handling for this particular plot. The impression it creates is that the coins travel from hand to hand. The twist is that it's the spectator's hands, not yours.  As you can see from the banner ad, your hands are still in the picture, but the routine is very clean, quite magical, and different enough to follow most other coins acrosses.  I haven't seen Dan do this for the layfolk, but I expect that reactions are very good.  A big step forward from CV1, both in vision and in execution.  Darn impressive for a guy's second book.

Marc DeSouza writes,  "4 Coins, Your Hands", is one of the most stunning Coins Across routines I've ever seen (and certain to wind up in the working repertoire of many magician's, including myself)."

Doug Brewer writes, "I love 4 Coins, Your Hands.  It's one of the few new close-up effects that I've gotten excited about in a while!"

"4 Coins, Your Hands" is only one routine of eight new routines (and two utility items) from Dan Watkins' new book, Coinvanish Volume 2.

It is also featured in Dan's DVD Coin Man Walking.

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