Update November 6, 2005:


For those of you near the Philadelphia area, I will be lecturing on November 29th at Marc DeSouza's lecture theater north of Philly.  If you are interested in attending the lecture, drop me an email and I will get you in touch with Marc.  Marc's is an awesome place to attend a lecture at.  Take a look at his theater here.


I plan on focusing on the material I put on my new DVD, Coin Man Walking:  Walk around, no table coin magic and magic that integrates the hands of your spectators.

Update October 13, 2005:


I just got word that the New York Coin Magic Seminar III will take place in Las Vegas Nevada one day prior to the World Magic Seminar.  You can read my review of the Seminar that took place in Philly HERE.  They also have a new website, www.newyorkcoinmagic.net.


If you are on the west coast, now is your chance to catch the "coin guys."



Update September 7, 2005:


My new DVD Coin Man Walking has been released by Bob Kohler Productions.  It is professionally shot and produced at Bob Kohler Studios in Las Vegas, NV.  I have the DVD in stock ready for your order!  Click here to read all about it.  After you view the DVD, do not forget to check the Bonus Tips section for more tips and handlings!











Update August 29, 2005:


I added a bunch of items to the Bonus Tips section for Coin Man Walking.


Update August 12, 2005:


I have created a bonus ending to "4 Coins, Your Hands."  Owners of Coinvanish Volume 2 can access this new ending by clicking the new Bonus Tips section of the website.


Update August 9, 2005:


I just completed an article on the recent NYC Coin Magic Seminar that took place at Marc DeSouza's lecture theatre near Philadelphia, PA.  The Seminar is an all day event focused on the art of coin magic hosted by David Roth, Michael Rubinstein, Mike Gallo, Geoff Latta, and special guest, Kainoa Harbottle.  Click here to read all about it.





Update June 30, 2005:


The COINvention Inagural Collection DVD review is done.  This is the longest review I have ever written.  The set contains 36 performances by 25 performers, and 20 explanations.  3:30 hours of coin magic gluttony.  Coin magic fans everywhere rejoice.






Update June 8, 2005:


Corey Burke's new DVD, Payphone is reviewed.  His DVD is roughly half coin magic, half cards.  The review as usual focuses on the coin magic.  Enjoy.






Update May 16, 2005:


I just completed a review of Jason Wethington's new DVD, TIED.  About two thirds of the material is coin magic.  Click here to find out all about it.







Update May 4, 2005:


If you scroll down to my August 24th entry you will see a notification about the New York Coin Magic Seminar.  It was a day that attending coin magicians would never forget. Hours of lectures, demonstrations, and workshops, hands on training, unpublished material, free stuff, rare DVD footage of coin magicians of the past, and personal instruction by four of the most influential coin magicians of the past 30 years.  It was supposed to be a once only event.  Well, we were wrong.  That's right, David Roth, Mike Rubinstein, Geoff Latta, and Mike Gallo have decided to go another round.  So, on July 16th, 2005, at Marc DeSousa's Magic Theatre outside of Philadelphia, PA, those wild and crazy coin guys are proud to present...

THE NEW YORK COIN SEMINAR 2.  This seminar will run 6 hours, and will have the same ingredients that made the first seminar so successful.  There will be demonstrations, lectures, unpublished material, free stuff, rare DVD footage of coin magicians of the past, and much hands on coin work with workshops and personal instruction from Roth, Rubinstein, Latta, and Gallo.

How much will this seminar cost?  You get six hours of coin magic with all of the above, for $250.  In order to give as much personal instruction as possible, this seminar will be limited in size.  At this price, the seminar should fill up in no time, so be sure to sign up as soon as possible.  Send all serious inquiries to Michael Rubinstein at rubinsteindvm@aol.com.  Registration comes with receipt of your payment, and will close when the seats are filled.  I personally plan on being in attendance.  I hope to see you all in Pennsylvania this summer, and so do Roth, Rubinstein, Latta, and Gallo.


Update March 20, 2005:


Well, I just spent entirely too much time recently writing some reviews lately, five DVDs worth of reviews.


The first review is for Michael Rubinstein's Creative Coin Magic DVDs, 1986 and 2004 LecturesBoth DVDs were filmed during live lectures in Philadelphia.  The first almost two decades ago, the latter, just last year.  The 1986 routines have stood the test of time.  The 2004 lecture includes a mix of new and older routines.  Both DVDs are only available directly from Dr. Michael Rubinstein.




The second review is for John B. Born and Jason Dean's (collectively known as "The J Team") Cutting Edge Cards and Coins.  This is a 3 volume DVD set.  One DVD is all card magic, one DVD is all coin magic, the last DVD is two sections:  Card Flourishes, and a hotel room "Jam Session" where John and Jason "talk shop" and jam in the corner of the room.  My review focuses on the coin material, but I do describe the card stuff and flourishes for completeness sake.  I enjoyed all of the DVDs, go ahead and read my take on them.


Update March 17, 2005:


A fellow by the name of Malcolm Kavalsky has started a website called "The Bobo Community Project."  The site is collection of links to online videos that show items from J.B. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic or closely related variations of the material.  At the time of this update, the site is just getting going, but this could turn out to be interesting.


Update February 3, 2005:


Well since I finally got Coinvanish Volume 2 done and have it shipping out all over (thank you to all of my website fans that have ordered it), I have had the chance to refocus back on some long overdue reviews.  I have wanted to get a review done for Dean Dill's Extreme Dean DVDs for some time now.  I have written the full featured review and it is up now.  Dean excels at Matrix/Coin Assembly/Translocation type coin effects that work off of a close up pad.  I really enjoyed his DVDs and highly recommend them.



Oh yea, I also re-did the website formatting.  I think the new style is easier on the eyes.  I was due for a nice overhaul... hope you like it.


Update January 11, 2005:


I have just released Coinvanish Volume 2.  Click the image of the book on the Products page to read all about it.  Thank you in advance for your order! :)