Update November 8, 2004:


Cody Fisher has re-released his "Unforgettable Coin Magic" video in DVD format.  His video has been unavailable for some time now.  Those who missed it the first time around, can acquire a copy from Cody now.  His contact information is at the bottom of the review.




Update August 24, 2004:



David Roth, Geoff Latta and Michael Rubinstein invite you to attend a one-day, intensive coin magic seminar on October 23rd, 2004 in New York City.

This will be an all-day event, including panel discussions, group lectures and workshops featuring personal, hands-on instruction. There will be a special guest lecturer, rare footage of great coinmen of the past, and a group dinner. But the primary focus will be on teaching the real work (including unpublished material never seen before) and helping the student realize their full potential in coin magic.

The event will start in the morning and run till midnight, and, with the exception of a lunch and dinner break, will be packed from start to finish with top quality coin magic, many items taught personally by the men who invented them.

This is a rare opportunity to learn the best material, hands-on, from four of the best coinmen in the world. Registration will be strictly limited to thirty-three people. The registration fee is $500.00 per person.

For inquiries about the event, or to register, send an email to:  geofflatta@newyorkcoinmagic.com.


Update August 18, 2004:


The LVMI Live 2003 DVD set is out.  I did not do a full review of the DVD set, but I did highlight all the coin material on the DVDs.  14 of the 35 performances are coin routines.  The mini-review can be found here.


Additionally, I just added a link in the "Links" section to K.C. Ushijima's Windows Media Video teaching of the coin roll and two coin roll.  It's a good teaching, check it out if you do not know how to do these coin flourishes.


Update August 2, 2004:


I just posted a review of Coin Classics Volume 2 DVD.





David Stone's two coin magic videos have been re-released in DVD form.  There is some extra content on the DVDs.  I updated my original review, and also listed what's new on the DVDs.





Update July 15, 2004:


Doug Brewer has just released a new DVD containing most of the work in his previously released same titled book; The Unexpected Visitor.  The DVD has two new items and a bonus performance of Cylinder & Coins.  You can read the review here.




Update June 6, 2004:


Paul Cummins just re-released his original coin magic video, "Up In Smoke" in DVD format.  If you missed it the first time around, do yourself a favor and do not miss it this time.  I am very glad one of my all time favorite coin magic videos is now in DVD format.  I made a few edits to my prior review of "Up In Smoke".  Head back and check out the review.



I also added a video to my muscle pass teaching that shows an exposed view of the move.  Head to the Foundations section and click the link found after the picture tutorial to view it.


Update April 18, 2004:


I got a selection of gaffed coins from Schoolcraft Precision Magic to review.  Jamie does really nice work.  Details inside!



Update March 17, 2004:


I got an email from Jamie Schoolcraft at Schoolcraft Precision Magic to let me know that he has a new website that features a selection of stock gaff coins, and he also creates custom gaffs.  Jamie creates all the gaff coins for Dean Dill, including his $1,000 - $1,800 explosion coin sets.  I just added his website to the my Internet Link page, under "Coin Magic Resources".


Update February 24, 2004:


The review of Chris Korn's two new DVDs:  Radical Korn and Extreme Korn are up.  Chris has some really nice three coin routines if you are looking for some new vanish/production sequences.




Update January 19, 2004:


Welcome to 2004.  I gave my fingers a bit of a rest after writing that Coinvention article back in September!  I haven't been sent many coin items to review lately, but last year Bob Kohler Productions sent me Cultural Xchange 1 & 2 DVDs that had some pretty spiffy coin magic, Sooo... I just cracked them out of the case and wrote up a new review.  The review focuses on the coin magic contained in the DVDs, but I did describe the other effects contained as well.  Enjoy.