Update September 22, 2003:

The first ever Coinvention took place on September 17, 2003 at the San Remo hotel in Las Vegas immediately following the Las Vegas Magic Invitational.  I had my digital camera in tow, and have written an article with pictures for those who didn't make it.  The performers and lecturers were a real "whose who" in coin magic.  Check out my Coinvention Article - hopefully it is the next best thing to have been there, I tried to relay all the nitty-gritty details.

Update August 26, 2003:

I just posted a review of John B. Born's new book/VCD package "Matrix God's Way".  The primary focus of the material is bare handed coin assembly routines using a great deal of additional preparation to create effects impossible with regular coins.


Update June 22, 2003:

Charming Chinese Challenge is a three Chinese coin and a ribbon penetration effect first released in Troy Hooser's book, DESTROYERS.  Troy has a new DVD out focusing specifically on this routine.  Check out the newly posted review for information.


Update June 9, 2003:

I just posed a review of Reed McClintock's new DVD:  Coin Ovations.  This is Reed's first magic DVD.  Take a peek to see how he did.


Update May 28, 2003:

I just posted two new reviews:

Curtis Kam's, Palms of Steel 3: Silverado DVD.  Shot at the same time as Palms of Steel 2.  Take a look at the 3rd and final (for now) edition of the Palms of Steel series.


R. Paul Wilson's, Completely Crowded!  Downloadable Adobe Acrobat manuscript is the full work on Paul's famous Crowded Coins 3 Fly routine.  Included in this manuscript is his previously unreleased "Sunday Morning Coins Across" phase.


If you are a Coin Magic aficionado you do not want to miss the first ever COINvention taking place in Las Vegas on September 17, 2003.  This is at the same place the Las Vegas Magic Invitational (LVMI) Close Up Convention will be taking place earlier in the week September 14-16, 2003.  Various coin magicians will be lecturing, performing, and attending the COINvention.  Reported attending coin magicians are Dean Dill, Kainoa Harbottle, Curtis Kam, Bob Kohler, Reed McClintock, Mutobe, David Neighbors, Daryl, Nathan Kranzo, Doug Brewer, Apollo Robbins, Shoot Ogawa, Geoff Latta, David Roth, Michael Rubenstein, Shoot Ogawa, Chris Korn, Garrett Thomas, oh, and your friendly Coinvanish.com host.  Tentative topics covered will be Ramsay's Cylinder and Coins, Visible Coins Across (3 Fly), New Angles on Coin grips, Matrix Madness, and the Future of Coin Magic.  You can read the discussions from the birth of the idea to reality in our own forum in the Magic Events Section.

Update January 30, 2003:

I just posted a review of Thomas Wayne's professionally crafted Ramsay Cylinder and Coins props.  For those interested in or who perform the routine currently, these are the most elegant props I have ever seen for the routine.  Click here to read the review.