Update December 6, 2002:

Just posted is a review of Curtis Kam's new DVD: Palms of Steel 2: Fists of Fury.  Go grab some Chinese coins and get ready for some serious multi-coin changing, Mutobe palming, goblet pouring coin magic.

Additionally, for those of you who have never learned the "Four Coin Roll Down" flourish, I just put a step by step teaching of it with pictures highlighting all the key finger positions as well as a quick video clip of it in the foundations section.

Update November 15, 2002:

The Coin Purse/Coinvanish forum has been updated to a new more user friendly and reliable format.  All of the threads from the old forum has been transferred over to this new forum.  The forum has been split into 3 categories - Coin Magic, Coin Magic Reviews, and Magic Events.  Click here and join the new forum.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Update November 4, 2002:

I just posted a review of Reed McClintock's third installment of his Knuckle Busters series.  I really think coin guys will like this volume (all of the material was within my technical skill which I cannot say for everything in the other volumes).  Go take a look!


Update October 30, 2002:

Slowly but surely... I will get these reviews up as I get them written.  Just posted is a review of Apollo Robbins' lecture notes from LVMI.  Click here to read the review.


Update October 14, 2002:

A few of you were asking if you could by my new manuscript digitally in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.  I now have it available for those that want it.  I will email it to you upon receipt of your order.  Click here to order.

I finished my review of Chris Korn's lecture notes in time for him to make some changes to the notes.  I am awaiting the latest copy before the review gets posted.  (Update - Chris never got the updated notes to me, so it doesn't look like the review will ever go up).  I am half way done the review of Apollo Robbins' notes, they should be up in the near future.

Update September 29, 2002:

Ok... time for another update.  This month I went to the Las Vegas Magic Invitational Convention.  I wrote up a summary of the convention that I posted at a few internet forums... here is one of the posts if you want to read my take on the convention.  I did pick up some lecture notes from Chris Korn and Apollo Robbins which I will be reviewing here in the near future.  I also have Reed McClintock's Knuckle Busters Vol. 3 to review.  I just need to find the time to sit down, read and write everything!

In case you were not aware, all of David Roth's Expert Coin Magic tapes (except volumes 1, 2, and 3) recently got re-released in DVD form by L&L Publishing.  The nice thing is they combined eight of his tapes into four DVDs so its quite a bargain if you wanted to add them to your library.

Lastly,  I sent out a bunch of Coinvanish Manuscripts to different magazines and websites for review.  One of the reviews just went up, so if you haven't read enough stuff about it already, here is another review for you.

Update September 2, 2002:

I posted some reviews and comments from magicians, Curtis Kam, Doug Brewer, and Reed McClintock regarding my new manuscript Coinvanish Volume 1.



Update August 27, 2002:

A new review has been posted.  I often hear the question asked by those starting out in coin magic:  What video should I get to start out?  Most often the response is the David Roth tapes, the Ammar DVD, or the David Stone tapes.  All of the tapes not only provide teaching on fundamental coin magic techniques, but they also teach a nice sampling of routines with which you can apply your new found knowledge.  I take a detailed look at all three video sets and provide useful insights to those looking at acquiring one of the products.

The review of the David Roth tapes is brand new, I just wrote it for this new comparative review.  The Ammar and Stone reviews I previously wrote very early in this website's history.  It may be a good time to go read them again!

Update August 16, 2002:

Coinvanish Volume 1 is complete.  A put a somewhat lengthy write-up of the contents manuscript  here.  Thank you to all those who have emailed me over the past months requesting it, I have invested much time in it, writing it, editing it a million times, and painstakingly photographing everything.  Thank you for your orders!

Update July 23, 2002:

I just posted a video of a new routine where I fail to learn "3 Fly" called "3 Try".  Additionally are two additions to miscellaneous videos.  They are not routines, but are coin magic related.  One is called "Playtime" the other is called "Bahama Magic".

Update July 11, 2002:

I just posted a new coin magic video routine called "Three Way Crossing" which is a coins across routine that focuses on being able to show both hands at the same time before any coin fly.  (Usually in a coins across routine you can only show one hand, because one is dirty in some way).  Head to the video section, take a look and let me know what you think.

My Coinvanish Volume 1 manuscript is complete.  I just have a few friends doing a final read of it to catch any last bugs.  I already have a complete write-up of the contents (much like the reviews I do) so you know exactly what you are getting.  The write-up will be posted when the manuscript is available.  It should not be more than 2 weeks from this update.

Update June 12, 2002:

I just posted a review of Reed McClintock's Knuckle Busters:  Volume 2.  This is Reed's second coin magic manuscript.  For those who are Gary Kurtz "Trio-N-Three" fans, you will definitely want to check out Reed's "Three with CSB".

Up and coming are reviews of some of David Neighbor's Coin Magic Manuscripts.

I am also done my Coinvanish Volume 1 manuscript, it is undergoing final proofing and editing.  It is about twenty pages with high resolution pictures that have backgrounds digitally removed, so you can focus on the coins and hands.  It really turned out very nice.  The manuscript gives the work on the top five videos in my videos section (the top five in the order you see there), It also has two routines not in the video section.  Keep an eye out here for more info.

Update May 22, 2002:

I figured it was time for another update to let you all know what is up coming.  I have had a good amount of people email me after watching my videos to ask if I had the routines available.  I decided to take some time off of reviewing products and write up a coin magic manuscript.  It is pretty much written now, I have to go back and edit it, add pictures, and write out all the credits.  Keep an eye out here for when I have it complete.  It has most of the material from the videos, plus a few more.

After I get the manuscript done, I have about three coin magic manuscripts waiting to be read and reviewed.

Update April 21, 2002:

A review of Kirk Kokinos' new video "Bare Handed" had been posted.  Along with the review is a Windows Media Video Stream of a performance of "Vapor Coins".  Vapor Coins is a unique coin gaff that Kirk manufactures and sells.  What does it do?  Read the review and watch the video.... 'nuff said.


Update April 1, 2002:

I added four new streaming videos in the Videos section of the website.

Also as written up in the April Issue of Magic Magazine, Steve Draun has a really nice looking coin vanish on his website called "Perfect Coin Vanish".  It is in Real Media streaming video format.  Check it out here.

Update March 17, 2002:

As promised, I added new streaming video to the Videos section to the website.

Update March 11, 2002:

I just created my first windows streaming video.  I used footage from the stuff I filmed on the MagicTalk 2.5 video.  The first one up is a performance of "Sticky Coins" which can be found in a link below the explanation in the routines section.  I did not have an audience for the performance so it is a bit dry, but it shows how the routine goes.  I tried making it low bandwidth, but it was not big enough to see what is going on.  You will need a broadband connection to see it, it is a 8 meg streaming file.  More video content will be added soon.

Upcoming is a review of Kirk Kokinos' "Bare Handed" video.  Stay tuned.

Update March 5, 2002:

Well I am back from a recent computer upgrade (it is always fun getting a new system up and running).  Part of this upgrade is a new digital camcorder and a firewire equipped computer.  Expect some digital video content to be coming sometime down the road.....

Upcoming reviews include some materials by Michael Rubinstein (not the L&L videos/DVD, rather a lecture video and notes available directly from Michael).  I also received a tape from a fellow named Kirk Kokinos called "Bare Handed".  It showcases Kirk's unique coin magic.  Stay tuned for more info on this as well.

I added an addendum to my review of Reed McClintock's "Knuckle Busters", Reed redrafted the manuscript and made great aesthetic improvement.

Update January 30, 2002:

Just posted:  the review of Reed McClintock's "Knuckle Busters: Volume 1"  Reed's new manuscript contains three of his coin routines from his coin magic repertoire.  Check out what I think of this first installment.


Mini Update January 24, 2002:

I added one more picture and description to my muscle pass essay in the foundations section to show where I place a silver dollar compared to a half dollar in my hand.

I categorized my internet links section into four sections:  Coin Magic Resources, Magic Chat Forums, Interesting Coin Magic Chat Threads, and Miscellaneous.

I added a lot of links under the "Interesting Coin Magic Chat Threads" These are threads regarding coin magic I found interesting as I browsed various internet forums.  They typically had a lot of contributing magicians (some famous, some not so famous) posting.  Such topics include coin technique, effects, routines, magicians, sleights, vanishes, and the popular 3 fly routine.

I have a few sets of coin magic manuscripts heading my way for review as well.  Stay tuned.