Update December 2, 2001:

Just posted:  the review of Cody Fisher's "Unforgettable Coin Magic".  Cody's video contains three classic coin routines, I give my impressions.


Update October 14, 2001:

The review of Troy Hooser's new manuscript, "The Silver Surf II" has been posted.  The new manuscript contains seven new routines utilizing the flipper coin gaff.


Update October 4, 2001:

The Coin Purse was updated today to include some of the reviews I wrote here, but most notably an interview with the French coin magician, David Stone.  Head on over to check it out!

Update September 24, 2001:

The review for Doug Brewer's book, "The Unexpected Visitor" has been posted.  I was not familiar with Doug's work before and I was VERY pleasantly surprised.  Doug wrote a great coin magic book, it is not one to overlook.


Update August 28, 2001:

I just posted a review of Troy Hooser's "DesTROYers".  The first half of Troy's book is on his coin magic, the latter half on his card magic, followed by a smaller segment on non-coin, non-card close up magic.  I take a detailed look at Troy's coin magic, and give my thoughts.

 Lastly, I added a few more points at the end of my review about the Beyond Okito box since I have had more time to work with it.

Update August 25, 2001:

Check out Harvey Rosenthal's Movie Theater.  He has new Real Player videos of his original card and coin work.  The coin work is interesting.  Very slow, methodical, and good!

Update August 18, 2001:

I posted a new review on Definitive Magic's Beyond Okito Box set.  This is a coin box set that includes a new ingeniously gaffed Okito box called the Beyond Okito Box (BO Box).  The box is unlike anything I have seen before.  I have had hours fun playing with the box this week and tell you all about it.

Update July 3, 2001:  

The Foundations section was updated with my latest essay:  The Muscle Pass.  Even though this pass is a utility sleight, this may be slightly out of place because it is NOT a necessary foundation to learn to be a good coin magician.  It is pretty difficult, many never learn it. Foundations is the section I put my teaching essays in; this essay is only for those who have mastered a good strong classic palm.

The Discussion Forum was switched to a better more reliable message board.  Take a look and post your coin magic related topics and questions!

Lastly, if anyone was curious to see me perform a little coin magic, for those of you who read and post to Magic Talk, the three volume video, MagicTalk 2.5 came out which is a performance compilation of about 40 magicians.  On Volume 1, I am among the performers displaying five different coin routines in a 10 minute set, one of which is Sticky Coins that is written up here.  If anyone is interested in a copy of this set, I'll see if I can find someone who is selling the tapes, and post the contact info here.  Keep in mind the quality of the tape varies greatly as most of it is home video camera shot stuff.

Update June 26, 2001:

The reviews section was updated with a review of "Up In Smoke" The Underhanded Coin Magic of Paul Cummins.  I decided to pick one of my favorite coin videos and give it an in depth review.  If you passed this video over in 1999, take a read at my review.  You just may want to go out and buy it.


Update June 22, 2001:

The reviews section was updated with a review of the new coin video:  Mike Gallo: "The Dynasty Continues".  Mike is a very accomplished magician and known for his skill with coins.  The "Dynasty" I assume is referring to the continued Gallo lineage; Mike is the son of the well known magician Lou Gallo.  Enjoy the review.


Update June 14, 2001:

Two new essays were added to the Foundations section.

1.  So you have Bobo's, Now What?  Was written for the beginner in coin magic who has Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic as his/her beginning text and wants to know what to concentrate on.

2. One Hand Un-Shelling of a Coin:  This essay briefly describes the shell, and 7 techniques to un-shell a coin using one hand.

Update June 4, 2001:

This month I posted two routines that are easy to learn.  Both routines are adaptations of routines you may have overlooked in Bobo's Modern Coin Magic.  Sticky Coins is my favorite routine to clean up several coins because you end empty handed.  Lightning Copper/Silver Transposition is just a quick, clean, one time transposition using only 2 un-gaffed coins.  This one is better used after performing a more formal transposition routine, just to ice the cake so to speak.

I just sent to the Coin Purse a coin routine I wrote up for David Neighbors called "Backhanded Coins Across".  David sent me two tapes full of stuff and I will be submitting different routines of his as I get the chance to write them up.

And lastly in coin magic news.... The great coin magician Mike Gallo has a brand spankin' new video that was filmed at this year's FFFF.  It is available directly from Randy Wakeman (email him for more info) or most well stocked magic shops.  I'm buying this video and will probably review it here in the short term future.  The retail price is $29.95 + 3.50 shipping.

Update:  May 8, 2001:

Greetings, welcome to Coinvanish.com.  You may recognize a similar background to The Coin Purse another website dedicated to coin magic maintained by Dominic Reyes.  The Coin Purse is a website I myself contribute to regularly.  What  I endeavor to do here is create my own little corner in cyberspace dedicated to coin magic, but I did not want to create something that duplicates the efforts placed into The Coin Purse.  

You will find in this website, articles, reviews, and instructional pieces I write, usually followed by further links to the appropriate places of The Coin Purse to read further on similar topics I present here (many of my writings will also appear at The Coin Purse along with other contributors).

Thank you for visiting, I trust your stay will be an enjoyable one!


Dan Watkins




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